Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate


For fans of the 'Warriors' series (Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, Hyrule Warriors, etc.) or the 'Historical Simulation' series (Romance of The Three Kingdoms, Nobunaga's Ambition) of video games by Koei Tecmo. Share screenshots, stories, rants and raves. Bangla hd movie download. Become a true servant of Lord Orochi. Important Links RULES •. I've played both and now, after far too many hours not doing uni work, finished them both in terms of main story: WO3U is, by far, the longest game I've played outside of Disgaea 4, in terms of sheer completion. There are so many characters, and so many levels.

  1. Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

I now have all character's final weapons (the one's you get through stages, not the ones you construct. So technically each character has two 5 star weapons) and in terms of content it is incredibly detailed. There are a tonne of fun characters to use and the additions from games outside of the DW/SW story and also other games makes for some novel playing. I also actually really love the story and the 4 added chapters on top of the ones from the original WO3 are all great. SW4: In terms of story-telling is probably one of Koei's best efforts. Every clan now has a distinct story-arc (some of which are really cool). The best part about this game for me, though, has to be that now there is not a single character I am not happy playing as.


Additionally, many new components, such as new actions, and a new 'Gauntlet Mode,' in which players can enjoy a party battle have been added, making this truly the ultimate WARRIORS OROCHI 3. Video output in Full HD 1080p requires 1080p native display.

However, the style of battles has certainly changed with the way missions appear more important, and you feel a heck of a lot more powerful (or just peasents feel a lot less significant) with the addition of 'Hyper' type attacks. I've still not really delved into Chronicle mode, but I have started it and it looks like it could be really fun.

Also, the unique movesets for created characters so far seem to be really cool. I have one thing that does iritate me about SW4, though. In sections where in games like DW7/DW8 they have actual cut-scenes during conversations, instead they just have character models speaking to one another and then captioned descriptions of what it is they are 'doing' in that scene, for example: Muneshige reaches out and grabs Gynchio's hand and starts walking with her It just says this in a caption instead of just showing them walking with each other.

This feels more like laziness on the part of Koei and definitely does take away from some of the more fun parts of the story-telling, especially given that they've delivered better in games like Kessen 2 and 3 which were on PS2. There are graphical differences between the 2, given that WO3U was made for PS3, really, and then just given a small boost for PS4 and also had the number of enemy troops on screen seriously bumped up. Not necessarily better, just different, though I do like all the models for the characters. I've only played the original WO3, so take this with a grain of salt, but I'd personally go with SW4. A lot of the appeal of WO3 is the fusion of elements from SW and DW, so if you go in with only half of background, you get a lot less out of it.

Also, WO3 is based on SW3 and DW7, so it's a little bit outdated in character roster and design. That being said, I really enjoyed how WO3 played, and the weapon system was very easy to take advantage of. The story was refreshing, because it's a break from the usual DW/SW antics, and the addition of outside characters brightens the place up. I've only ever played the original warriors orochi 3 and although it a very fun game with a ton of characters to play including people from other games such as ninja gaiden, I am having wayyy more fun with samurai. Haven't played a samurai warriors game in a long time but I am loving every a second of it, the combat feels different to me but in a good way, the missions actually feel like missions now cause a drum sounds and your objective comes up which I found cool. I even like the little thing right before a mission it shows all the characters important to that mission come up.

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

Should also note WO you pick three characters that you can switch between on the fly but they take up one person, in the sense that you switch the other character is gone. SW you pick two people and can switch between them when ever but the other person becomes an npc and keeps fighting, you can also command then where to go and who to fight, loving that for some reason. I've played most of the DW/SW games going back to PS2 (technically back to NES) and honestly they're kind of a blur because the core is usually the same.