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Install Vinyl Cutter in Artcut Our vinyl cutter supports the standard DMPL (Digital Microprocessor Plotter Language) and HPGL (Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language) command set. This means that every cutting plotter or normal plotter design and control software will be able to utilize our vinyl cutter to cut vinyl. Discontinued and Limited Support for Artcut Software Artcut software's latest version was developed in 2008. It is therefore not completely compatible with newer versions of Windows or with the more recent range of vinyl cutters. It is for this reason that we will no longer be providing full support for Artcut software as of the beginning of September 2014. Should you specifically wish to purchase the Artcut software, you are welcome to purchase it from us. While we are still offering the product, we are just not able to provide sufficient support for the product, you will need to use for support instead.

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  3. Artcut 2009 Software Download Free

How-to Use Vinyl Cutter in Artcut Installing Artcut software is straightforward and easy. This is the default UI of Artcut. Change Length Unit to Millimetre Millimetre is more commonly used in South Africa. As such, we recommend that you change the length unit to mm by selecting 'Options' on the top menu bar, then clicking on 'System Setting.' , change the 'Unit' to 'MM' and then confirm by clicking the 'OK' button. Choose Plotter Device in Artcut Manually Install Cutting Plotter Device in Artcut Recommended If you decide to install the vinyl cutter by editing all the settings yourself, please choose DMPL (which means Cutting Plotters that support DMPL command set) Vinyl Cutter under 'others'.

Artcut Software Free Download


ARTCUT 2009 Pro Software for Sign Vinyl plotter cutter cutting plotter 9 Languages 2CD.

Artcut 2009 Software Free

All our vinyl cutters support both DMPL and HPGL command set. Recommend Setting for Device Setup ( When you Install Vinyl Cutter Manually ) You may choose to change the default device setting for enhanced cutting performance: Plotter Compensation Uncheck 'Max Length of Each Plotting' ( NOT recommended for older model), this to insure that you can output an artwork with unlimited length to your vinyl cutter. For 'Sharp Angle' setting, keep it 0 for a normal cut.

Artcut 2009 Software Download Free

If you need to cut small letters which are smaller than 5mm in height, then you can change the setting to 0.3-0.5mm. Recommended 'Sharp Angle Compensation' figure depends on your used. Vinyl Page Size Settings Change 'Max Width' to your vinyl cutter's ' Max Cutting Width': Port Setting in: Please choose COM 3 for USB port in Link to In Sequential Control please choose DTR/DSR and RTS/CTS After finishing all of these installations please restart your computer.