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Resident Evil 6’s over-the-top world is built piece-by-piece through its four storylines, which cleverly integrate with each other. Beastly Ustanak, or watch a creature spew out C-virus gas.

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Quotes [ first lines]: [ narrating] They say that history is written by the victors. This, then, is the history of the Umbrella Corporation, formed by crusading scientist Professor James Marcus. Marcus had a young daughter, Alicia, afflicted with progeria, a progressive, fatal, wasting disease. Progeria caused premature aging.


Watch Resident Evil 6 Full Movie Online

Watch the latest and greatest trailers, movies, gameplay videos, interviews, video previews of Resident Evil 6. Resident Evil 6 Episode 1 - Resident Kinevil. Mary and Mike begin the harrowing. Aug 9, 2016 - The first Resident Evil 6 trailer reveals the final installment in the franchise, Resident. Watch the Resident Evil: The Final Chapter trailer below. The game is set in 2017, approximately 4 years after the events of Resident Evil 6 in the fictional city of Dulvey, Louisiana. It features a new protagonist named Ethan Winters, a civilian who offers fewer combat skills than most previous Resident Evil protagonists.