Rekey Defiant Deadbolt

Rekey Defiant DeadboltDefiant

Defiant Lock Rekey Kit

Free clip pictures to copy. The $12.95 DEFIANT® (5 pin key cylinder system) rekey kit by CHANGE-A-LOCK®, contains everything necessary (except for a common screwdriver to rekey your own Entrance, Single & Double cylinder Deadbolts and Handleset type locks. Free hollywood movie download sites in hindi. The kit will rekey 6 single cylinder locks. Each lock you put a key in is a single cylinder.

Defiant Locks Rekey Instructions

A deadbolt keyed on both sides would count as 2 single cylinder locks.If you buy 2 or more rekey kits and want them keyed the same please email me at EACH KIT CONTAINS: Two precut keys, 6 sets of color coded pins for rekeying single and/or double cylinder locks (not exceeding six (6) cylinders). NOTE: To order EXTRA PIN SETS and/or EXTRA KEYS for your rekey kit please click on the desired rekey product list. Detailed step by step instructions in both ENGLISH and SPANISH is included in each CHANGE-A-LOCK rekey kit. All special rekeying tools are included. All you may need is a common screwdriver to remove lock from door. This rekeying kit is designed to be used only with DEFIANT® locks which must have the screw-off-cylinder-cap; if you have DEFIANT® lock with a pry off cylinder cap do not use rekey kit.