Coldplay The Scientist Lyrics Youtube


Lyrics to 'The Scientist' by Coldplay: Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry You don't know how lovely you are I had to find you, tell you I need you Top Songs. Nobody said it was easy,No one ever said it would be so hard.' I think lyrics tell you everything.This is my favorite song and it'll always be. Share Twitter. Apr 25, 2008  Category Music; Song The Scientist; Artist Coldplay; Album The Scientist; Writers Will Champion, Guy Berryman, Chris Martin, Jon Buckland.

  1. Coldplay The Scientist Lyrics Youtube Songs

Everything is open to interpretation-it's personal. For me it has two meanings. The first is the lyrics about love and the breakup of a relationship with a girlfriend. The second meaning for me is very difficult to listen to at times. It has to do with the relationship I had with my mother.

The last night when the doctor told my father and I that she would die in an hour maybe five hours (they were keeping her alive with drugs-she had a d.N.R.- her sickly body was so frail that cpr would not be possible anyway). I would walk out to the car and listen to a rush of blood to the head.

Then when I felt strong enough I would go back to her room. I was in my late twenties when I had a severe problem with substance abuse. This took it's toll on my mother. Mentally, physically, financially and monetarily.' Running in cirles.'

'coming back as we were.' My repeated attempts to drink like a normal person(not to mention drugs) 'nobody said it was easy.'

All harry potter movies download free online. Trying to get back the healthy adult relationship we had. And most of all watching her take her last breath and dealing with her death. 'i'm going back to the start.' Wishing things could go back to the way they were before the damage I caused-that she chose to endure due to unconditional love. 'tell you I'm sorry.' I never got the chance.

' come back to haunt me.' Regret, remorse about what I could not change before she died. 'tell me you love me.' When I didn't feel I deserved it she randomly said: 'I love you.' Shocking to me but wonderful at the same time-knowing she had forgiven me. Thats a gift that keeps me going during hard times. 'you don't know how lovely you are.'

Coldplay The Scientist Lyrics Youtube

She was a rare slice. I have not met many people as special as she was. She was an amazing human being. One who will always be greatly missed. I could go on but I think you get the general idea. I personally believe that the song is about a man who has just made a major mistake and therefore caused the breaking up of he and the love of his life. He is still trying to figure out what went wrong, but is over-analyzing the situation and not necessarily relying on his gut instinct.

He wants everything to go back to what it once was so that he can undo the mistakes he made and revive the relationship. The video proves my point. Chris Martin goes backwards.back in save his girlfriend/fiancee/wife/etc. From dying in a car crash. Everyone has different opinions, and I'm sure that mine is just as worthless to all of you as the next one.

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Do we really have to define the song? He finally understands what has gone wrong. He has deeply examined what the relationship and the girl meen to him. He was running in circles about what he thought was important but was wrong.

In the end what is really important is pure honesty. Its sounds chessy, but if you listen close to the song, its full of hurt and he clues into to two simple facts: Love is worth any sacrifice and real love is a puzzle no one can solve completly. He feels like a sicentist trying to figure and sort things out one block at a time.but no one can take it apart because it just dosent work that way.' Take me back to the start' Why? Because Love is not something you can totally understand. They Said It can be related to any relationship. It can be a past girlfriend.

Or even the death of someone you love. Anything where you want to go back to before it all happened. Back to before the breakup. The car accident (like the video) or the illness. Anything really.


We take too many things for granted. We think things will stay the same.

Coldplay The Scientist Lyrics Youtube Songs

But life is always changing, and one day you wake up to find what you had is gone - and you didn't really take advantage of the beautiful thing it was while it was there. He throws in some other stuff. Because any good song also has some slight personal background, but all of the things about pulling the puzzles apart - and about chasing our tails reiterates the idea that we were distracted by things that truly weren't the real important things.