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Cakewalk's Pro Audio is one of them. Pro Audio has combined MIDI sequencing with multitrack digital audio for several years now, and version 9.0 brings users even closer to living the dream of the virtual studio. NUMBER 9..Pro Audio is an integrated MIDI and multitrack audio recording, editing, and mixing application.

Recent versions added features such as real-time MIDI and audio effects; 24-bit, 96 kHz recording; and the ability to sync video files directly to audio tracks. Cakewalk calls the latest version 'Evolution 9,' and I can't think of a finer appellation. Armstrong dlw. Version 9.0 continues the company's tradition of improvements in Pro Audio's features and performance, which has made it a leader in MIDI and audio technology. RIDING THE WAVEPIPEOne of the most important breakthroughs in Pro Audio 9.0 is its new WavePipe technology. WavePipe is a more efficient way for the software to transfer and process audio data. The result is a decrease in audio latency that translates into more-responsive console sliders and an increase in the number of tracks and effects that can be mixed or played back in real time. According to Cakewalk, performance gains vary depending on the sound card you use and the design of its driver.

Most users, however, can expect a significant improvement in audio performance. How well does the WavePipe technology work?

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To find out, I ran a number of tests with Pro Audio 9.0 on two different systems: a 233 MHz PC with 64 MB of RAM and Digital Audio Labs' (DAL) CardD Plus, and a 600 MHz PC with 128 MB of RAM and a DAL CardDeluxe. On the 233 MHz PC running Pro Audio 8.0, I could play back 16 mono CD-quality tracks with no effects-but just barely. After installing Pro Audio 9.0, I was able to play 20 mono tracks of audio with ease on the same PC. This translates into a 25 percent improvement in performance, so even older systems will see substantial gains. In fact, it wasn't until I loaded 22 mono tracks with four real-time effects that I ran into any dropouts at all. Using version 9.0 on the 600 MHz machine, I managed to play 30 mono 24-bit tracks simultaneously without incident. Even with 30 tracks playing, I was using only 20 percent of my CPU and 60 percent of the PC's disk-transfer ability.