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Despite the success of tennis in Wii Sports, the Wii hasn't seen many follow-up tennis games that take advantage of the groundwork already laid down. Virtua Tennis 4 from Sega doesn't seem to even try to capitalize on the success of Wii Sports, but it nonetheless it delivers a fantastic tennis experience from top to bottom. Virtua Tennis is rooted in gameplay that is over a decade old. This is not a bad thing; the core gameplay of the series has always been rock solid, especially in 4-player doubles. Indeed, the tennis part of Virtua Tennis 4 feels very familiar to anyone who has played a Virtua Tennis game before, dating all the way back to the original arcade game in 1999.

Virtua Tennis 4 Free Download PC Game setup in single direct link for Windows. It is an amazing tennis game which is the third installment in the series. Virtua Tennis 4 PC Game 2011 Overview. Manam full telugu movie. It is developed under the banner of SEGA for Microsoft Windows. This game was released on 29 th April 2011 and SEGA published this game worldwide. May 10, 2011 - Virtua Tennis 4 stays true to its roots. It's got a wacky, over-the-top feel, and there is more of a focus on exciting tennis action and less on stats. Virtua Tennis 4 (XBOX 360) Virtua Tennis 4 is a tennis simulation game featuring 22 of the current top male and female players from the ATP and WTA tennis tours. Virtua Tennis 4 PC Game Is A Sports Game Which Comes With Fast Tennis Matches. This Game Was Developed By Sega AM3 R&D Division And Published Under The Top Banner Of SEGA of America, Inc. This Third Person And Tennis Game Was Released On 24 June, 2011.

Virtua Tennis 4 Wii

Virtua Tennis 4

The key is positioning; you can dive from halfway across the court to return a volley, but the better the position when you take your swing, the less recovery time you will face afterward, and the stronger the return will be. The focus on strategy, rather than precise swings, makes the game easy to pick up for just about anyone. Early on in the Virtua Tennis experience, you start working out strategies in your head on how to lull your opponent into a false sense of security so that you can hammer a shot down at the best angle possible. Virtua Tennis was incredibly fun 12 years ago, and it's incredibly fun now. Much of the depth of the game revolves around the World Tour mode, which has been completely revamped for this iteration of the game. The mode begins with a robust create-a-player system that allows you to shape your character as you see fit.

Virtua Tennis 4 Windows 10

Once that is done, the tour consists of four separate seasons over which you build the skills and fame of your created tennis superstar. At the end of each season is a tournament, which you must both arrive to on time, and also qualify for by becoming more famous as the season progresses. The World Tour mode is navigated by playing a board game; each season is laid out in a directed track, and you must progress along that track by choosing one of three randomly chosen movement cards, which allow you to move either one, two, three, or four places. The movement in the game is therefore slightly random, but you can purchase modifiers that give you just a little bit of control over where you land. He spaces on the board that you land on will determine whether you play a mini-game to level up your character, attend a charity event to become more famous, play an exhibition match to practice your game and also earn more fame, or buy items from a marketplace to help your character's progression. It's a much more locked down version of the World Tour mode from Virtua Tennis games of years past, which helps keep the experience tightened down and focused.

After you finish your fourth season in World Tour mode, you can restart the mode using your character and keep both your player skills and money, allowing you to focus on getting more and more famous the next time around. As you climb the world rankings, which are determined solely by popularity, you will unlock additional items to customize your superstar with. In fact, the amount of items you can buy to change the look of your character is fairly staggering, and unlocking them all will take quite a long time. The difficulty in the World Tour is adjustable, so if you are finding it too simple, you can merely adjust it at the character select screen. The mini-games in the World Tour mode are fun, but not quite as much so as in years past. Greatly missed is the Pin Crusher Bowling game, a casualty to an exclusivity deal with Sony, which allowed you to serve into a set of 10 bowling pins.