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So I picked up a copy of 'Simcity' for $2 at a thrift store. It says Copyright 2013 so I assume that's 'SC2013'? I read the back of the box and it said it needed the origin client, account, etc, and a CD Key.

I figured since it was a thrift store find it wouldn't work. Got everything going and of course, the key was already used. I searched google for a place to buy a cd key for it, but all the sites are either for European version of the game, or seem kind of sketchy.

Is there a place I can buy an activation key for this game directly from a trusted source? I haven't played Sim City in years since I had an old Windows machine, some 15 years ago, and would like to get back into it! I hope there's a way to get a legitimate key for this game. If not, are there older versions that are legally/easily obtainable? Even SC2000 would make me happy! You can buy Simcity 2013 from Origin, either base game or the Complete Edition which comes with all of the DLC. If you have installed the Origin program you can view the store through that and do a search for SimCity.

You should be able to get download codes through Amazon as well if you prefer. Price is about the same at the moment. SimCity 2000 Special Edition you can either purchase for download on Origin or (DRM free version) Simcity 4 you can purchase for download from Origin, or (DRM free version) SimCity 3000 is not currently available to purchase digitally but you can buy second hand copies on eBay easily. I have it running on Win 7 but it seems to have a few quirks so unless you really want to play it I would choose one of the other versions to play first.

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