Re 4 Walkthrough


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Jul 18, 2013 - You're basically in the courtyard of the castle when you resume game play, and there are quite a few items in this area, collect everything. Sep 25, 2012  Resident Evil 4 HD Walkthrough: Chapter 5-2 No Damage A complete walkthrough for Resident Evil 4, which shows the locations of treasures and items and also strategies to use in each area of the game.


Walkthrough CHAPTER 2:: PART 2 As you exit the church storage room, a brief cutscene shows you the angry mob ahead. Have Ashley wait near the doorway and equip your rifle. Target one of the barrels that's sitting in the cart just a bit down the hill and fire away—the cart should explode and roll backwards, taking out most of the not-zombies behind it. Stand back and shoot down any not-zombies remaining, and then lead Ashley through the graveyard (heading west). Climb down the ladder to the west to enter the cave with the merchant.

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Resident Evil 4 Island Walkthrough

Deal with him as you please and collect the item or two you can find inside before climbing up the ladder to the north (near a save point) and exiting to the next area. As you step back out into the main village, a not-zombie comes at you from the left.

Lay him out, and then focus on getting Ashley somewhere save. To your right should be the large bell tower. Lead Ashley to the top and have her wait as you scour the village, hunting items and not-zombies. When you're done searching the town, return to the bell tower.

Re 4 Walkthrough Wii

A path leads northeast (you took the path before) and is your way to the next area. However, it won't be a simple walk in the park, as a number of not-zombies and beartraps serve as obstacles. With Ashley still in her safe roost, take out the not-zombies one-by-one and set off the traps so that neither you nor Ashley gets stick in them later. When the path is clear (there are three or four not-zombies to take care), call Ashley down from her hideout and guide her through the door, and into the next area.


Kaylee Wendt We Re 4 Buffalo

As soon as you enter the farm area, walk down the road just a bit and have Ashley hide in the red metal container to the right. She'll be completely safe here while you clear the area of not-zombies, and there are plenty of the freaky enemies to deal with (about eight in total). Make your way around the perimeter of the farm, using your rifle to snipe out any not-zombies you can see in the distance. There are a couple of them just northeast of the main barn, two more that are sitting on the wood-plank 'balcony' around the barn, and even a not-zombie or two inside of the barn.