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Vinoth Kumar Camera setup Running time approx. 22–24 minutes per episode Release Original network Original release 29 May 2017 ( 2017-05-29) – Present Chronology Preceded by Related shows External links Raja Rani (: ராஜா ராணி,: King and Queen) is a 2017 Indian- airing on starring and Alya Manasa in lead roles, are making their Tamil-language debuts with this series.

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It is a remake of the television series which airs on. It started airing on 29 May 2017 anf airs every Monday to Friday at 7:00 PM (). Contents • • • • • • • • • • Plot [ ] The plot focuses on the story of Sembaruthi (Alya Manasa) the maid of Rajasekar's family.Both Rajasekar and his wife lakshmi treat Semba as their own daughter but their daughter in law's Archana and Vadivu refuse to treat her the same way. Karthik () is Rajasekar's younger son and returns to Chennai after a long time from Singapore. Karthik takes a stand against the difficulties faced by semba.

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Circumstances lead Karthik to marry Semba. As the story proceeds the elderly daughters-in-law (Archana and Vadivukkarasi) even rajasekar's elder daughter (Nandini) were against the maid Semba and the younger son Karthik. They wanted to get the properties share to themselves not giving any shares to Karthik to receive a lump share.

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Karthik was a scientist in Singapore. The daughters-in-law as well as rajasekar elder daughter were against Semba because the elderly couple love Semba very much. In twist karthik's girl friend Divya comes from Singapore to visit his family.

Raja rani serial yesterday episode

One day during some pooja kept for karthik, Sanjay who is the brother of second daughter in law Vadivu misbehaves with Semba. He was exposed by Karthik. And finally Karthik gives idea of Semba's marriage. Karthik uploads Semba's profile in marriage website.

There comes a groom who was targeted by Sanjay. He badmouths about Semba to them.

So they return without visiting Semba. Archana was in collaboration with Sanjay and Vadivu. Archana starts her major conspiracy by bringing groom of her distant relative who is an alcoholic addict. Though Karthik doubts Archana first later he changes his thinking. Groom Family proposes marriage within two days and rajasekar family accepts it.

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They all prepare in a happy mood with full swing. But in the marriage there comes a truth that the groom has his first wife who he abandoned and got his marriage fixed with Semba. Finally marriage stopped and rajasekar is blamed by everyone for Sembas pity position. And then rajasekar decides of getting married Semba to Karthik. Karthik who in due course of marriage expresses to family that he loves divya and the family agreed for his wish. So they decided to keep engagement on Semba's marriage day. Divya went to airport to get her parents from Singapore.

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