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Pokemon Ash Gray Version is an incredible remake version of Pokemon FireRed which is completed by metapod23. The graphics are same as before but now you will play a very new game because the author changed the storyline and replace with another one. Unofficial Pokemon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Site Captain America Iron Man MCU Civil War Iron Man MCU Civil War. This page is about a Pokemon hack called Pokemon AshGray by Metapod23, which is a hack on Pokemon FireRed. The game is based on the Anime, Kanto,.

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• • Ash Gray ( アッシュ・グレイ, Asshu Gurei ) is a character from the and manga series. Background Ash Gray was a ZAFT special forces pilot, whose main reason for joining the military was to kill as many people as possible. As a result of his psychological instability, Ash was known to have kept a collection of 'dolls' to represent his victims.

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