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Snakewood: Don't come into this hack serious. It's rather polarizing, but some find the hack to be a great parody of poorly-done ROMhacks. Expect overpowered Fakemon, an extremely over-the-top zombie plot, and plenty of gainax. Download Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back, GBA Rom Hack, Completed Version for free, patched and ready to play. Updated October 9, 2017. You are a 13 year old boy. As your journey continues, you meet many enemies, some who become rivals, and even friends. Sydney, a young woman who watched Darugis's reawakening cause the death of her family and her village. Dray, a strong- willed Pokemon trainer who's father assisted your father in defeating Darugis years ago. Pokemon Light Platinum was voted best ROM Hack of the Year 2012 on Pokecommunity New titles, sprites, stories, heros, rivals, and scripts! And also gyms! And Elite Four! And new objectives! And basically a whole new game! Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

Hi Knuckle San. I see a few hacks missing that should be in the complete list. -Liquid Crystal (other: complete. But should be hall of fame xD) -Moon Emerald (incomplete 7+ gyms) -Fire Red Backwards (other: complete) -Thunder Yellow (ages since i last played but thought it was complete *under: other*) - Galacta Advance Mega (ages since last played but thought it was complete *under: other*. Don't hold me to that one though) - Ultra Red infinity (ages since last played but i believe it goes up to 7th badge. Idk if it's even on the regular listing either.). Sorry for the long post BTW!!

Shivudu will be always warned by her mother not to climb mountains. Lyrics But Shivudu always wants to see what was up there on mountains.

Thanks a bunch! I can't believe I forgot Liquid Crystal.

The latest beta actually ends somewhere in the middle of the Orange Islands, so I can't really consider it complete. I've added Galacta and FR Backwards as well. I plan on making a separate list for 'improvement' type hacks which don't change the story. They're technically all beatable even though the creators may or may not have finished working on them. I've never played Thunder Yellow and I can't really find much info on it. Would you consider it a regular hack or an improvement one?

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Knuckle, thanks for your reply!! Yeah, that is technically so with liq crystal, shame it will never truly be 100%. -_- When it comes to Thunder Yellow, I would probably best described under 'improvement'. It untilizes the same original FR kanto map with all additional features, events, and added storyline to fit as close to the original pikachu yellow as possible (and extremely well done to that extent too). I believe Lighting Yellow was the prerelease to Thunder Yellow to see if the concept would even be workable and playable, although it was a little odd but for that reason.

I had some fun playing I almost dropped this after reading the first 2 chapters because it was so generic, but decided I should at least finish the volume. I don't really care too much about the sport myself. You know, since it's supposed to be a pretty good sports manga/anime and all. Eyeshield 21 is a sports manga about American football. Watch eyeshield 21 english dubbed Also because I've dropped too many manga after reading only the first chapter or two, and a series really does need more of a chance than that.


It has been a very long time since we updated the Hack of the month year, but this hack deserves to by talked about. Everyone has played crystal right?

I also imagine most people are familiar with the idea of an 'Open World' game. Now lets try and imagine what a 'Open World Pokemon Game'.

Pokecommunity Hack Of The Year

Well, stop imagining because that is exactly what this is. Pokemon Crystal Clear is a sweeping rework of Pokemon Crystal that allows the player to choose between starting in Kanto or Johto, choosing one of about 20 different starters, and having all story related events removed. That may sound like a bad thing, but instead it means that you can complete any of the gyms in any order. Special programming has made it so that every single gym levels with your number of badges, that means that you can never really sweep a gym by skipping it and going somewhere else.

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Honestly, Just describing the hack is not enough to do credit to this hack. Just go play it. Because the primary way of downloading the hack is via their website, and that that website has direct downloads of GBC files. I will not link to any files, or the website. If you are really curious, they search 'Pokemon Crystal Clear' into your preferred search engine and you should find it.