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Read Common Sense Media's Night at the Museum review, age rating,. In theaters: December 22, 2006; On DVD or streaming: April 24, 2007; Cast: Ben. Ben Stiller returns as night watchman Larry Daily, now a successful business man, who gets back to the museum just in time to find that he needs to get his. Ben Stiller leads an all-star cast including Robin Williams and Dick Van Dyke in this hilarious blockbuster hit! When good-hearted dreamer Larry Daley (Stiller) is hired as night watchman at the Museum of Natural History, he soon discovers that an ancient curse. A newly recruited night security guard at the Museum of Natural History discovers that an ancient curse causes the animals and exhibits on display to come to.

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Lots of comic crashes and falls. Repeated scenes in which soldiers and other warriors fight (shooting, explosions, fighting, swords), though none of these encounters leads to visible/lasting injuries (some charring following explosions).

A little truck carrying two characters crashes and disappears in smoke and a teeny fire. Some scary moments, as when the dinosaur skeleton and Attila the Hun chase Larry.

Night At The Museum Streaming Netflix

Larry and a monkey fight repeatedly: The monkey steals keys, pees on Larry, slaps Larry (who slaps back), etc. Characters with a bad motive kick and flip Larry. Parents need to know that Night at the Museum is a much-hyped, effects-heavy adventure that kids will definitely want to see.

The effects are good (the dinosaur skeleton is especially fun), but the plot is uneven and the action hectic, with some point-of-view camerawork that could potentially startle younger viewers. The movie features frantic, cartoonish violence by the museum exhibits that come to life. This includes shooting (Civil War soldiers), explosions (miniature cowboys and miners), poison dart-shooting (miniature Mayans), chasing and hunting (dinosaur skeleton, lions), fighting, and car-crashing. Weapons include arrows, swords, guns, catapults, spears, axes. There's a repeated joke about Attila the Hun's preference for ripping off victims' limbs. Larry has an antagonistic relationship with a monkey and repeatedly disappoints his son (who acts sad) -- until the end, when he's impressed by his father's quick decision-making.

In NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, divorced father Larry () needs to get a job in an effort to maintain contact with and provide some level of stability for his 10-year-old son, Nicky (Jake Cherry). To that end, Larry applies to be a night guard at New York's Museum of Natural History, a job he believes will be 'ordinary.' So he doesn't really listen when retiring security guards Cecil (), Reginald (Bill Cobbs), and Gus () advise him to read their handwritten instruction manual and follow the steps exactly and in order.

Night At The Museum 2006 Full Movie

When Larry falls asleep on his first night, he wakes to find that an amazing change has occurred: The exhibits have come to life! The next few nights offer more of the same and a deepening relationship between Larry and the historical figure to whom he feels a particular affinity, Teddy Roosevelt (). Not only must Larry find a way to bring the nightly chaos under control, he must also stop thieves from stealing treasure from the museum. Mostly cute and often frantic, this movie runs out of story early. Although the individual creatures can be entertaining, the film is repetitive and too invested in its silly explanation of how the coming-to-life phenomenon came about (something about an Egyptian pharaoh's tablet). The movie makes a cursory case for the significance of the 'first working mother,' Lewis and Clark guide Sacajawea (Mizuo Peck), even though -- stuck behind a soundproof glass exhibit -- she's unable to speak or hear the action for much of the film.

And it even promotes reading, as Larry researches all his new charges in a bookstore (apparently in one day). Entertaining as it is, though, Night at the Museum falls short of 'greatness'. Not that kids will care.