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Because everytime i play my 360 i always get 20 frames or less and not a solid 30 frames. Is it the capture device and software for the device? When a capture device relies on software to encode, dropped frames are the result of either a CPU which isn't powerful enough to keep up or a hard drive that can't keep up. You should try using a second hard drive, not the boot drive, for capture. If that doesn't work you also need to use different software which will allow using a fast lossless codec for capture, like (LAGS) in YUY2 mode. Also, capture audio as PCM.

Note that the file size will be very large, about 30GB per hour. You will need to re-encode the video to H.264 or some other more compressed form of your choice after capturing. Try for lossless capture.

Video Software; Video Capture Software; HT TVR. Then you can edit the recorded file with honestech's built-in MPEG editor. Set-up, and use, great recording functions, and a volume. Honestech TVR Overview honestech TVR 2.0 encodes and compresses video data in real-time from video devices connected to your PC: TV, VCR, lifeview tvr or analog camcorder. Coupled with an inexpensive TV card, the simple on-screen controls make it.

See for AmarecTV software set-up. The device mentioned in the guide, the I-o DATA GV-USB2 has a good reputation if you decide that you want to replace your EasyCap.

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Any SD capture device called 'EasyCap' is very likely to be a low-quality product. Even the software that comes with them is unlicensed with no support. Case in point, there is no page for Honestech 2.5 TVR software at Honestech's website. The software was likely created by a third party who used the Honestech name without Honestech's consent. Note that I do not play video games and don't record game play. If you need more help, you may need to rely on someone else or look for a video capture forum at a gaming-oriented website.

Try to check your cables and see if they are functioning properly. They might need replacement.

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Try to re-install the device software and drivers on Windows XP compatibility mode. Uninstall the software and the drivers. Then restart your computer. Right click on the installation file, then click on the Properties. Click Compatibility tab and then check “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” Select “Windows XP(Service Pack 2)” from the drop down list And then click Apply then click “OK”. Then go to 'Privilege Level' then click 'Run this program as an administrator' Click apply and then click “OK”.

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Free Honestech Downloads

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