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Welcome to the D&B Advantage Player subreddit. If you're a first-time visitor, please read the main sticky post before posting - it has a lot of good information (and covers why many things may not be talked about openly!) This subreddit is the place for anything related to the Dave & Buster's restaurant/arcade chain, with a focus on strategies for winning and profiting from their redemption games.

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All D&B-related posts are welcome! Best pc football game. Startrek cards/sets can be turned in after the next set is available! Should another arcade/chain of arcades be profitable, discussion on them is welcome here as well. NOTE: This does mean that posts referencing advantage play at Main Event Entertainment are allowed here. However, keep in mind that MAIN EVENT DOES NOT APPLY GLOBAL SETTINGS - it is very likely even somewhat short amounts of significant AP on particularly games may invoke a nerf at YOUR store level. Proceed with caution. Mr photo download windows 10. Don't bitch at this sub if you decide to attack a game hard at your store and its JP is cut by 50-75% the next time you return.

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