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Has anyone seen this: Anyone actually using it? IS it really Free? I was excited when I first saw it. But, then I saw that note from Adobe and that 1st comment by someone down in the general comments. So what the heck is going on? IS it or is it NOT Free?


Does that note from Adobe mean that since I hadn't previously purchased and didn't previously have Photoshop CS2 I won't be prompted for that Serial Number if I install this Photoshop CS2? Or does it mean that this alleged 'Free' deal is NOT for ME because I hadn't previously purchased it? Oh, I had already seen the Serial Number. But, I figured if it was genuinely FREE, it would be FREE no ands, ifs or buts.

If it was genuinely FREE, they'd have no qualms stating that that Serial Number was for everyone. 0.139 So I am puzzled with that bit about: 'The serial numbers below Should only be used by customers who legitimately Purchased CS2 or Acrobat 7 and need to Maintain Their current use of these products.' What is up with that? Why the stipulation?

I purchased, installed and registered Photoshop 6 and Lightroom in November. Last week, both softwares gave me an error message that said there was a co.

Why the separation between those who have and those who haven't purchased it previously? -- Simion -- Jefferson! Ahhh, I like TechSpot's wording much better than SnapFiles'.

Photoshop 7.0 Serial Number

TechSpot's wording is more straightforward: 'Adobe has released this legacy version of the ever popular Photoshop as freeware. Download and enjoy.' Download & Enjoy.

List Of Photoshop Serial Number

Now THAT I understand. That I can do.

Okay, so I had actually already downloaded it since this morning. I just needed clarification that it was legitimately Free. Travis scott rodeo leak. Now I'm satisfied that it is. As to the Gotcha that it's an older version? That's not a problem with me because as old as that CS2 might be, it's newer than what I have, which is Photoshop 6.0. So, the CS2 should be an improvement.